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Before & After

Composite bonding
A1 1 newA2 1 new
Ceramic veneers
E1 newE2 new
Fixed braces orthodontics
C1 1 newC2 new
Clear aligner orthodontics
F1 newF2 new
Mixed ceramics and bonding
D1 newD2 new
Clear aligner orthodontics
G1 newG2 new
Composite bonding
H1 newH2 new
Composite bonding
I1 newI2 new
before 1after 1
before 5after 5
before 2after 2
bafore 4after 41
before 3after 3
MB Before 1MB After 1

These visuals are not indicative of guarantee outcomes for other individuals. Every patient is unique – and results, risks, potential complications and recovery times can vary significantly. All medical procedures come with inherent risks, ranging from minor to severe. The information provided on our page is for general understanding and does not replace professional medical advice. Before embarking on any dental or medical procedure, it’s essential to consult with a qualified healthcare professional. In certain cases, seeking a second opinion is also advisable.

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