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Take Home Whitening



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In Chair Whitening



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Tooth Whitening - FAQs

Generally speaking – both methods are very effective!

The In-Chair Whitening is great for those with a busy schedule day-to-day. We will allocate time in our surgery for you to relax and complete the treatment. We will place special protectant over your gums and place the potent whitening gel on your teeth – this is rinsed and re-applied up to 4x times. Most people have no issues getting to 3-4x applications – but there are some who experience sensitivity and choose to stop early. The benefits are that the outcomes are immediate – you will notice a big difference by the following morning!

The Take-Home Whitening is just as effective – it just takes a little longer and requires consistent effort. You can either do it 2 x 15 minutes or 1 x 30 minute – and you can take it at your own pace. We generally recommend a continuous 1-2 weeks use to get started. Many patients go multiple rounds – we supply the gel tubes if you wish to re-use your trays. For those who experience sensitivity – the ability to go at your own pace is very helpful – and allows you to place desensitizing toothpastes in your tray to help manage the sensitivity during your treatment.

Absolutely! Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our doctors are meticulous in their procedures to ensure your whitening treatment is not only effective but also conducted with the utmost safety. It’s common for some individuals to experience mild gum irritation or sensitivity post-treatment; however, we are well-equipped with a variety of techniques and remedies to swiftly address and alleviate any discomfort you may encounter. 

Teeth whitening results vary depending on individual factors such as diet and oral hygiene habits. For example – if you are a heavy coffee consumer – you may need to top up your whitening more frequently! Both In-Chair and Take-Home whitening systems typically last up to 12 months – but it really does vary person to person.

A short consultation is needed to check if whitening is a good use of your time and resources!

Whitening treatments are unable to change colours of existing composite fillings or ceramics. So if you have any of these in your smile zone – they will not respond to treatment! Only natural tooth will respond!

Additionally – if you are recession of your gums, gum disease or heavy plaque build up – you will either experience poor results or significant discomfort following your treatment.

It’s important that we can ensure that your treatment will be both safe and effective!

Pregnant or nursing women should also avoid teeth whitening. Some patients with certain allergies – or difficult maintaining an open jaw position for a prolonged time may not be suited for treatment as well.

We set aside two hours for your appointment, ensuring we capture stunning before-and-after photos to showcase your smile transformation. This duration also accommodates multiple applications of the whitening gel, interspersed with periods of relaxation, and provides ample opportunity for you to select your preferred entertainment on TV. Our patients absolutely adore our soundproof headphones for an immersive viewing experience—be sure to request them!


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At Arete Dental Studio, we pride ourselves on offering the finest teeth whitening treatments at an accessible price. It’s essential to understand that all teeth whitening methods may introduce some sensitivity to temperature changes. This sensitivity largely depends on the whitening system’s concentration and formulation. At Arete Dental Studio, we are proud to provide the latest in cosmetic dental whitening technologies. Our system, entirely produced in Australia, is engineered to minimize sensitivity when used as directed. This approach ensures an effective whitening experience without significantly heightening teeth sensitivity.

Seeking a dazzling, more radiant smile with Sydney’s leading teeth whitening service? Look no further than Arete Dental Studio. In contrast to various online offerings, our whitening solutions are endorsed by the Therapeutic Guidelines of Australia, guaranteeing 100% safety. The SDI Pola Whitening system we utilize is designed to elevate your confidence and offer you a renewed appearance instantly. The impact of a stunning smile is immeasurable. Our professional teeth whitening services invite individuals from Brisbane to transform their smiles quickly and affordably, ensuring a profound and positive change!

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