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These visuals are not indicative of guaranteed outcomes for other individuals. Every patient is unique, and results, risks, potential complications, and recovery times can vary significantly. All medical procedures come with inherent risks, ranging from minor to severe. The information provided on our page is for general understanding and does not replace professional medical advice. Before embarking on any dental or medical procedure, it’s essential to consult with a qualified healthcare professional. In certain cases, seeking a second opinion is also advisable.

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Check Up & Clean
Includes all X-Rays

Commonly Asked Questions

At Arete Dental Studio, excellence isn’t just a goal—it’s our standard. We strive to go above and beyond in every aspect of our practice, from the cutting-edge technology we utilize to the compassionate care we provide. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every interaction, as we continuously seek out the most advanced techniques and innovations to enhance your dental experience.

We believe that excellence is achieved through a combination of expertise, attention to detail, and a genuine dedication to our patients’ well-being. That’s why our team is comprised of skilled professionals who are passionate about delivering exceptional care tailored to your unique needs. We take the time to listen, educate, and empower you to make informed decisions about your oral health.

Moreover, our emphasis on preventive care underscores our commitment to long-term oral health. By educating our patients on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene habits at home and scheduling regular check-ups, we aim to prevent dental issues before they arise.

In everything we do, we are driven by a pursuit of excellence. Whether it’s a routine cleaning or a complex procedure, you can trust that you’re receiving the highest standard of care at Arete Dental Studio.

While X-rays are not always required during a check-up, they are an important tool that allows us to detect and diagnose any underlying dental issues that may not be visible during a visual examination. Our digital X-ray technology ensures that you are exposed to minimal radiation, which is comparable to the amount of background radiation you would experience during a short airplane flight.

If you have x-ray records that are less than 12 months old – we recommend you let our team know so we can try to access those records for you. The record release process can take a few days – and so it is ideal to let us know at least 48 hrs before your appointment, otherwise we may not get them in time from your previous dentist!

Absolutely, you should consider fluoride treatment! This proactive approach not only strengthens your teeth but also serves as a powerful shield against decay, ensuring lasting dental health. Safe and proven effective for patients of all ages, it’s a small investment with significant long-term benefits for your smile.

Ensuring your oral health is about more than just a sparkling smile—it’s about proactive care and early detection. By scheduling regular check-ups and cleanings every six months, you’re not only safeguarding against cavities and gum disease but also actively participating in cancer screening. Our attentive team monitors areas that may be borderline, providing close watch and timely intervention when needed. With this comprehensive approach, you’re not only maintaining oral health but also contributing to your overall well-being. Don’t overlook the importance of these appointments—they’re your key to a healthy, vibrant smile and peace of mind.

Every individual’s teeth are unique, leading to diverse discoloration and staining patterns. Typically, discoloration is caused by strongly colored foods and beverages such as coffee, curry, or by smoking cigarettes.

When a whitening product is applied to the tooth, it breaks down into water and oxygen ions. These oxygen ions penetrate the enamel and target larger stain molecules, breaking them down into shorter, colorless forms. Saliva naturally removes these colorless molecules from the tooth. The effectiveness of whitening depends on the quantity of ions available and the duration of their presence on the tooth.

Teeth whitening is a simple dental procedure, and the duration of its effects varies depending on individual oral habits. The treatment typically lasts 6-12 months for both in-office and take-home procedures. Without regular touch-ups, teeth may gradually restain from the same factors that initially caused discoloration.

Whitening eliminates existing stains on restorations but does not alter the original shade. If you have any  veneers, crowns, or fillings – the shade will not be affected by the whitening process.

Most of our patients experience no side effects  – but some may temporarily experience sensitivity, which typically diminishes within a few hours of stopping the treatment, with no lasting issues. Wear times can be adjusted or made less frequent, and a desensitizer can be applied to the teeth. We tend to recommend avoiding carbonated drinks, citrus fruits, and beverages during that time to minimize sensitivity.

NIB Preferred Provider

All Major Healthfunds Accepted


A. Applicable only for patients with healthfunds with dental coverage – if you do not have a healthfund with dental coverage, the take home whitening will be discounted to an additional $50.

B. This offer is a Capped fee of $249 ( RRP $769), your out-of-pocket expense is simply the difference between this Capped amount and whatever your health fund contributes. If your health fund pays less than $249, you only pay the gap.

C. It is the sole right of the clinician to determine whether teeth whitening will be safe for the patient – if treatment is contraindicated, the offer will not be upheld until the patient becomes dentally/medically fit to do so.

D. There will be no exchange / credits in equivalance if take home whitening offer is declined – nor will there be any transfers.

E. Arete Dental Studio reserves the right to cease this offer at any time without notice – the offer is only valid when a deposit has been secured.


A. This offer is a Capped fee of $149 (RRP $520), your out-of-pocket expense is simply the difference between this Capped fee and whatever your health fund contributes. If your health fund pays less than $149, you only pay the gap.

B. Arete Dental Studio reserves the right to cease this offer at any time without notice – the offer is only valid when a deposit has been secured.

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