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Early Interception

Avoid Orthodontist Referrals with Early Assessments

At Arete Dental Studio, we believe in the benefits of early interceptive orthodontics for children. By addressing orthodontic issues during a child’s developmental years, we can reduce the need for more complex treatments later in life. Our focus is on understanding the relationship between the soft and hard tissues, and how they impact breathing and overall development. We pride ourselves in early detection and management of growth and development problems – and aim to prevent the need for complex treatment with an orthodontist or maxillofacial surgeon later in life.

Evidence-Based Screening & Customized Care

Using evidence-based screening tools and 3D/2D imaging, we can identify underlying problems and formulate the best treatment options for your child. Our goal is to allow for the full expression of your child’s genetic potential by providing customized treatment plans that cater to their unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interceptive orthodontics refers to the practice of treating orthodontic problems in children while their jaws are still developing. By identifying and addressing issues early on, we can reduce the need for more complex treatment later in life.

Interceptive orthodontic treatment is most effective when performed during a child’s growth and development phase, typically between the ages of 7 and 11. However, our doctor can evaluate your child’s individual needs and determine the best time to begin treatment.

Interceptive orthodontics offers several benefits, including reducing the need for more complex treatment later in life, improving facial aesthetics and symmetry, and promoting healthy jaw and teeth development.

At Arete Dental Studio, we use evidence-based screening tools and 3D and 2D imaging to identify underlying orthodontic issues. Based on your child’s needs, our doctor may recommend treatments such as expanders, functional appliances, or braces to address the issue and guide proper jaw and teeth development. During your first appointment, our doctor will provide you with a treatment plan that is customized to your child’s individual needs.

Life-long Natural Smiles

Our experienced team takes the time to comprehend your child’s individual requirements and ensure they feel comfortable throughout the treatment process. With early interceptive orthodontics, we can help your child achieve a healthy, confident smile for life.


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