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Experience the Excellence of Damon® Self-Ligating Braces

At Arete Dental Studio, we offer the most advanced Damon® system of self-ligating braces as an alternative to traditional braces offered by orthodontists elsewhere. These braces feature a built-in sliding mechanism (or gate) that gently positions archwire in place, allowing your teeth to self-adjust with less friction and fewer appointments. On traditional systems, small rubber bands are applied to the bracket to hold the wire in place – this is problematic as the rubber increases the wire friction significantly and requires the wire to be more robust to achieve tooth movement (ie much more force) – additionally the rubber bands degrade in the saliva over time resulting in varying force application. The self-ligating (or gates) of the Damon® system do not have this problem – and instead have ultra-low friction and result in consistent and ultra-light forces applied to the teeth. This difference is key for natural, safe and lasting results.

Long Lasting Results, Driven by Nature

The Damon® system uses the most advanced metallurgy on the market in its wire system – to allow for your soft tissues to guide the teeth into their most natural archform. Unlike traditional braces systems – where the wire is a one-shape to suit all and must be robust to overcome the rubber band friction. Whereas in the Damon® system, the system is centrally designed to work with the soft tissues – to achieve the most long lasting archform and smile that is unique to you only. No single arch form will be the same for any Damon® patient. As the archform is guided by your soft tissues and the dynamic properties of the metallurgy – the final arch position will be in harmony with your body – and will significantly lower the risk of relapse treatment in the years after treatment – simply because it was designed to work with your body and not against it.

Frequently Asked Questions

During your first appointment, your doctor will conduct a thorough exam including scans, photos, and full medical history – to build a treatment plan that fits your unique needs. They will also discuss the different types of Damon® braces and their benefits, and provide you with an estimated timeline and cost for your treatment.

The length of your treatment will depend on your individual orthodontic needs, but data shows that Damon® patients are often treated in an average of 7 months less time than those with conventional braces. Additionally, the self-adjusting nature of Damon® braces means that fewer appointments are needed, leading to a more efficient treatment process.

Damon® braces offer several benefits over traditional braces, including a more comfortable treatment process, faster treatment times, and fewer appointments needed. With the Damon® advanced design, there is less friction and pressure on your teeth, leading to a more efficient, natural and long lasting outcome. Damon® clear braces offer an aesthetic option for those who want a more discreet orthodontic treatment.

The cost of Damon® braces varies depending on factors such as the severity of your orthodontic needs and the length of your treatment. Our team at Arete Dental Studio can provide you with an estimated cost during your first appointment. Additionally, many insurance plans cover the cost of orthodontic treatment, and we offer flexible payment plans to help make Damon® more affordable for our patients.

fixed damon braces

Less Appointments & More Comfortable

Choosing Damon® braces offers many benefits, including faster treatment times of up to 7 months sooner than traditional treatment, fewer appointments needed, increased comfort, and an aesthetic option with clear braces. The lack of rubber bands on the brackets means hygiene is significantly easier. At Arete Dental Studio, we are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced and comfortable orthodontic options available, and Damon® braces are an excellent option for those seeking a more efficient and discreet treatment option.


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