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Dental trauma can be a painful and distressing experience. Whether it’s a chipped, cracked, or knocked-out tooth, it’s important to seek prompt dental care to address the issue and prevent further damage. At Arete Dental Studio, our experienced dental professionals understand the importance of quick and effective treatment for dental trauma.

Rapid Response to Trauma

When a tooth is knocked out or broken, it’s important to handle the situation carefully and seek immediate dental attention. In some cases, prompt treatment can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you experience dental trauma, it is important to seek prompt medical attention. If the trauma is severe or life-threatening, call emergency services immediately. If the trauma is less severe, call our office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. In the meantime, apply a cold compress to the affected area to reduce swelling and pain.

If you knock out a tooth or part of a tooth, it’s important to handle the situation carefully and seek immediate dental attention. Try to locate the tooth or tooth fragment and gently rinse it off with water, being careful not to remove any attached tissue. If possible, gently reinsert the tooth into the socket and hold it in place until you can reach a dental professional. If reinsertion is not possible, place the tooth or fragment in a container of milk or saliva and bring it with you to your dental appointment.

To prevent dental trauma, it’s important to take steps to protect your teeth, such as wearing a mouthguard during sports or other high-impact activities. Avoid using your teeth to open packages or bite into hard objects, and seek prompt treatment for any dental issues to prevent them from worsening.

The recovery time for dental trauma can vary depending on the severity of the injury and the treatment required. In some cases, recovery may be relatively quick, while in other cases, it may take longer. Our team of dental professionals can provide you with an estimated timeline for recovery based on your individual circumstances.


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